Lehrstuhl für Nationalökonomie und Finanzwissenschaft (Prof. Fuest)



Systems Competition (PhD + AMC)


The course is part of the PhD programme of the Munich Graduate School of Economics. It is open to students of the Master programme (Advanced Master Class).

Dozenten/Lecturer: Mikael Priks, University of Stockholm Beatrice Scheubel
Sprechstunden/office hours: Whenever you like! Please give me a call in advance Whenever you like! Please give me a call in advance
Kontakt/Contact: phone: 2180 - 3102

E-Mail schicken an mikael.priks@ne.su.se E-Mail

phone: 2180 - 3763

E-Mail schicken an stimmelmayr@lmu.de E-Mail

Zeit und Ort/Time & Place: 4 - 15 October, 2010, Ludwigstr. 28 RG, Room 024
Monday through Friday, 10.00–12.00 and 13.00-15.00

Practical sessions:
Monday through Friday, 15.00-16.00

Start: 4 October, 2010

26 October, 2010, 14:15-15:45, Schackstr. 4, Room 207 (CES Seminar Room)



I.    Introduction: Competition among States
II.   Taxes and Public Infrastructure Goods
III.  The Erosion of the Welfare State
IV.a  Hamiltonians
IV.b  Social Dumping in the Transformation Process
V.     Ecological Competition
VI.   The Competition of Product Standards
VII.  Limited liability, Risk Taking and the Competition of Bank Regulators
VIII. The Competition of Competition Rules
IX.   The Implications of Systems Competition for Europe and the Greek Crisis


Lecture Notes


Date Lecture Notes
30.09.2010 Syllabus
04.10.2010 Introduction
04.10.2010 Lecture 1
05.10.2010 Lecture 2
06.10.2010 Lecture 3
07.10.2010 Lecture 4
08.10.2010 Lecture 5
11.10.2010 Lecture 6
12.10.2010 Lecture 7, part I, Lecture 7, part II
13.10.2010 Lecture 8
14.10.2010 Lecture 9